Decreased Libido Substitutes

Emily Butler

Male decreased libido can affect a man in more ways than one. It is a known fact that men who suffer from a low sex drive also have some serious health issues. While initially most physicians diagnosed this problem to be a completely psychological one, today the opinion is very different. It has been clearly proven that several physical factors come into play when the libido levels of a man decrease. A drop in the production of testosterone is said to be one of the main causes of a decreased libido. While this drop is fairly common in aging men, even younger men fall prey to this problem at times. Indeed the problem leads to several other ailments like mood swings, irritability, lack of energy and sometimes even heart attacks. Obviously, seeking a solution for a dropped libido goes way beyond simply enjoying the sexual pleasure of life.

Decreased female libido is a much more common problem. However, here it has been seen that the right balance of foreplay and stimulation does indeed help tremendously in curing the problem here. This is also one of the main reasons as to why there are not too many products that help in increasing female libido. It is advisable that women steer clear of testosterone intake in order to increase their libido since this can have pretty drastic effects on them. Choosing a natural product in recommended since it seems to work better without causing any harm to the lady in question.

Decreased libido in men can be fought off quite easily. To begin with it is very important to balance between a nutritious diet, adequate rest and of course proper exercise. Living a healthy life helps keep one's libido higher too. Adopting exercises like the Kegels and Jelqing will help strengthen the penis muscles and help in performing better in bed.

Decreased libido men can also seek out help from products that are natural and do not harm the body. Using gel capsule products works better than opting for the tablet form. All the same one must keep in mind that the appropriate dosage of the medication must not be exceeded at any cost. This could lead to a reaction and harm the user in many ways.

Decreased libido in women can take the fun away from the sexual encounter and the lady can even suffer from problems like a dry vagina, etc. Keep in mind that sexual dysfunctions are often related to other serious ailments too.

Keep these tips in mind when working on improving your libido levels and you will find that conquering the problem is not that difficult after all. Be it male decreased libido or a female one, the idea is to stick with natural options rather than hormone therapy.