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Emerita ProGest Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Emerita ProGest Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Emerita ProGest is a balancing cream that claims to be clinically tested by organization United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). The product contains progesterone that is classified by the USP as a strong and pure form of this hormone. Each tube of this supplement contains 450 milligrams of progesterone per ounce which can substitute the natural hormone produced by a healthy human organism. But can Emerita Pro-Gest be really trusted? Even though it has existed since 1978, the product needs to be studied more deeply.

The progesterone used in the supplement comes from the Mexican Wild Yam. It promises to fight insomnia, hot flashes, irritability, and other menopausal symptoms. The problem, however, consists in the fact that once you start substituting your own hormones your body becomes lazy to produce hormones in a natural way. For this reason, it can be used for a very short period of time. It is still unknown how safe its formula is. Emerita ProGest has its own official website which is not very informative, though. It only lists the ingredients used in the cream without any characteristics or description. Nothing is mentioned about possible adverse reactions associated with the product as well.

Ingredients of Emerita ProGest - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Emerita ProGest is said to offer menopause support. It contains no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, or animal products. Its is manufactured in the USA and contains the following ingredients: D-alpha Tocopherol and Mixed Tocopherols, Aloe Vera Gel in Distilled Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Almond Oil, Panthenol, Octyl Palmitate, Glycerin, Peg 8 Stearate, Progesterone, Polysorbate 60, Oil of Lemon, Hyaluronic Acid Keratin, Carbomer 940 and Grapefruit Seed Extract. The cream is promised to normalize estrogen and the balance of other hormones in the female body. However, real experts in the field are sure that hormone therapy changes natural production of hormones in the organism that is why refusal from substitution therapy can lead to serious problems of hormone balance.

Emerita Progest

The main product's ingredient is progesterone. It naturally occurs in the women's body but it is also made in a laboratory as a component of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. It is initially derived from wild yam or soy, then converted to pregnenolone in laboratory conditions and only then to progesterone. Emerita Pro-Gest is a topical progesterone product as it has to be applied to the skin. Progesterone is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines.

According to, progesterone is rarely used in hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes. It is more effective for treating certain allergies, bloating, decreased libido, breast tenderness, fatigue, depression, lumpy (fibrocystic) breasts, low blood sugar, headaches, increased blood clotting, irritability, infertility, memory loss, osteoporosis, miscarriages, bone loss in younger women, thyroid problems, symptoms of PMS, "foggy thinking"; uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, water retention, vaginal irritation, and weight gain.

Be very careful when taking Emerita ProGest because progesterone is generally a natural hormone and changing progesterone levels can lead to menopausal symptoms abnormal and menstrual periods. There are certain cautions which have to be taken into consideration before starting to use Emerita ProGest. It is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women unless the doctor specifically prescribes it. Such cream's ingredients as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Premium Botanical Extracts are undoubtedly useful for skin but they make no difference inside the body. They just have a soothing effect on the skin.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer kept silence about possible side effects associated with the use of Emerita ProGest. It only claims that it has been tested by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). However, anything can be said without evidence. The products containing progesterone and those that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are considered to be relatively safe when applied to the skin or into vagina. At the same time, progesterone can lead to numerous side effects including changes in appetite, stomach upset, weight gain, swelling (edema), fluid retention, fatigue, drowsiness, acne, allergic skin rashes, insomnia, fever, hives, headache, breast discomfort or enlargement, depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), etc.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women are prohibited to use intravaginal progesterone gel. Avoid using progesterone if you have arterial disease, liver disease or vaginal bleeding. This compound might make liver disease worse. Breast cancer is another case when you should avoid using progesterone. Even women with depression are not recommended to use progesterone. To better understand whether progesterone is safe and effective let us have a look at the real reviews from its users.

"I was told to take Emerita ProGest but I was afraid of side effects even though it was claimed to be free from them on its official website. Then I felt so bad due to my hot flashes that I decided to give it a try. I did not have side effects, just like results!"

"I am 29 and two years ago I started taking Emerita ProGest to normalize my hormonal levels and raise fertility. But during these two years I have not seen considerable results. I really hoped to become the best mom on Earth and now I have lost this hope"

"Emerita ProGest is a low-quality progesterone product. It is unpleasant to use because you have to apply it inside your vagina and it is not always convenient and comfortable to do. I often had some strange smell. I would not recommend it to any woman!"

Where To Buy Emerita ProGest?

Emerita ProGest can be bought either from its official website or from some retailer stores. For example, on Amazon it costs $29.95. However, I would recommend purchasing such a doubtful product from an official website to avoid fakes.

My Final Summary

I do not think that Emerita ProGest is able to take proper care of female health because it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, it is not completely natural and contains a number of artificial ingredients which can be harmful for human health. Secondly, the cream can cause certain allergic reactions, as it has to be applied directly to the skin and vagina. Some women will find this way of application unacceptable. I cannot recommend Emerita ProGest to usage, as there are many other products that offer better effect without potential danger to health.

Affordable Alternative

A lot of doctors are sure that the problem can be perfectly solved with the combination of such natural products as Theobromine, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, red raspberry and Licorice root. I completely agree with them because I study many products of the kind. I can say with confidence that there is such a product on the modern market! It is called Provestra. Isn't it great? I recommend you reading my review about Provestra. I hope it will be helpful for your sexual life.

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