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Idol Lips Reviews

Emily Butler

The lips play a very important role for the beauty of each woman. It is true to say that lips are a special feature of a woman's face, that is why they should be always in a good state. Other women and certainly men can turn their heads just to see your sexy and plump lips. However, not all women have the desired lips and are ready to do anything just to make their lips plumper. Fortunately, these people are provided with a great variety of different products specially created to meet this requirement; however, with such a big choice it may be quite difficult to make the right decision. Today we are going to discuss the product that will give a second chance to your lips making them so attractive that others won't be able to remove their glances from your face. The product promises to make your lips attractive without any effort from your side.

What Is Idol Lips and How The Product Called Idol Lips Can Help?

idol lips

Idol Lips is a lip-plumping cosmetic product that is claimed to make your lips sexier and fuller in seconds. According to the manufacturer, the product uses the latest technologies to hydrate, plump, and moisturize your lips almost instantly. This will help you get the lips you have always dreamt about, as well as to feel more attractive and confident. In order to achieve the best results with Idol Lips, you are recommended to use the cosmetic up to three times a day by applying it to each lip in a thin layer. The manufacturer mentions that you may feel a warm, tingling sensation and see slight redness on your lips. This is a normal reaction, so there is no need to worry. In order to understand whether this product is suitable for you, let us take a look at the ingredients found in it. In other words, let's find out whether idol Lips can really give you the lips you have always wanted.

Ingredients of Idol Lips - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


The company behind the product is called Santrinico Enterprises based out of Larnaca, Cyprus. The manufacturer isn't listed with the Better Business Bureau, but they offer many other products, including Garcinia Cambogia Select, Alta White, Green Coffee Bean Max, Revitol, etc. As it was already mentioned, the company intends to manufacture the finest and highest quality products with the use of natural ingredients. The ingredients in IdolLips are all proven to be effective and safe. Let us check whether they are really natural.


Jojoba oil is liquid wax rich in vitamins E and B complex, as well as many healthy minerals. This component is perfect for skin care since it resembles the natural oil of the skin. Jojoba Oil is also soothing to the human skin and is able to unclog hair follicles. Glycerin is responsible for moisturizing of your lips, making them feel soft and look pink. It also helps to prevent flaky and dry lips. Hydrogenated polyisobutene is a type of oil that retains moisture in the human skin preventing water loss. This oil is widely used in cosmetics. Cyclopentasiloxane protects the skin by creating a silky barrier upon application. Actually, it is a silicone-based compound that also makes the product easier to spread. Sweet almond oil is highly beneficial for the skin and possesses hypoallergenic features. It may also soften chapped skin and soothe mucus membranes. Shea butter supplies the skin with fatty acids and essential nutrients making it well-nourished and moisturized. It is a triglyceride extracted from the nut of the African shea tree with anti-inflammatory and water-binding properties. Ozokerite wax is a mineral wax used for making different beauty and health products such as fragrance, lipsticks, and eye and facial makeup. Actually, it is blend of hydrocarbon waxes that assists in emulsion stability, increases viscosity, and enhances gel strength.


Mango oil makes Idol Lips easily spreadable. Candelilla moisturizes the skin, so it is widely used in products like eye shadows, stick foundations, lip balms, and moisturizers. Squalene is a natural oil with moisturizing properties, which is why it is widely used in skincare cosmetics. Ethyl hexyl palmitate is used instead of silicone to providing a dry slip feel. By the way, this is a derivative of palm oil. Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer is responsible for the gel-like consistency of the product. It also stabilizes the formula. Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline is an amino acid with conditioning benefits. Menthoxypropanediol is the ingredient derived from menthol, thus it provides a cooling feeling. Phenoxyethanol is an ingredient that is responsible for preserving cosmetics by acting as an antiseptic, disinfectant, or antibiotic. Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer is a nonaqueous agent responsible for the viscosity of the product. Other ingredients used in Idol Lips include palmitoyl oligopeptide, caprylyl glycol, vanilyl butyl ether, tribehenin, sorbitan isostearate, and butylene glycol.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Generally speaking, Idol Lips is a natural skincare product, thus there should be no harmful side effects upon using it. Maximum you may experience when using this lip plumper is a tingling sensation and slight irritation of your lips. Usually these symptoms are experienced within the first minutes after applying the product only. They pass really soon. Since this is a very fast-acting product, you will be able to start enjoying your sexier and plumper lips soon after application. Most of the lip plumper's ingredients are safe for use but the menthol contained in it may cause a slight tingling sensation. Don't pay attention to it. IdolLips is promoted through many third-party websites, thus, you can find many customers' reviews on these websites. Ultimately, most of them carry a positive character with the most common compliment referencing the effectiveness of the product. The users are happy with their experience and effects of this lip plumper. Idol Lips seems to be a popular product among users. Many reviewers who have been using it appear to love it so far. Amazon users are happy with how fast the product work. Aside from the ability to plump the lips, the product is said to effectively reduce fine lines above lips. This lip plumper is a cheaper and safer alternative to collagen injections. There is no need to undergo dangerous cosmetic surgeries. Let us take a look at the real users' testimonials found online.

Why Should You Choose It?

Idol Lips is specially created for people who want to make their lips plumper and softer. It perfectly smoothens the texture of skin and moisturizes lips. Due to anti-bacterial properties, the product minimizes the risk of inflammation on your lips.


Idol Lips is a natural skincare product with the finest ingredients in its formula. It works by moisturizing your lips, smoothing their texture and making them feel healthier. The product has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation features to minimize swelling and infections of the lips. You are sure to get plumper, fuller, and sexier lips through the regular use of this product.

How to Use Idol Lips?

Idol Lips needs to be liberally applied to your clean and exfoliated lips. It is recommended to use the product in the morning and at night, but you can also apply it during the day for better results. This lip plumper can be used together with your lipstick or other lip products.

My Final Summary

Idol Lips is a cosmetic product that is able to make your lips fuller and plumper almost instantly. It features new technologies by hydrating, moisturizing, and plumping the skin of your lips. Menthol contained in idol Lips can create a tingling sensation but there is nothing to worry about. This feeling leaves soon but the effect remains for a few hours. The product is not cheap, but based on customers' reviews, it is worth the money it costs. The product has a great list of natural ingredients, which makes Idol Lips a worthy product to invest in. It can make your dream of fuller lips come true. We would certainly recommend this lip plumping option.

Where To Buy Idol Lips?

It is better to buy Idol Lips from the official website of the company. You will not be enrolled in any kind of autoship program. All idol Lips orders come with a 90-day refund policy.

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