Dermology Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Emily Butler

Excessive or undesired hair usually worries women. This condition is known as hirsutism. All women have body and facial hair, but it is usually light and fine. The hair caused by hirsutism has a different texture, since it is dark and coarse. Unwanted hair usually grows on a woman's face, back, arms, or even chest. Women with this condition commonly have characteristics associated with male hormones. Excess hair can be present anywhere on the body of an individual with hirsutism. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, between 5 and 10 percent of women suffer from hirsutism. It runs in families, so you are likely to have undesired hair growth if your sister, mother, or other female relative has it too. Women of South Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern heritage are likely to develop hair growth in unusual parts of the body. The presence of unwanted body hair isn't dangerous but it can cause the feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. The hormonal imbalance can lead to worse woman's health.

In the modern world, every woman wants to have a clean skin without any spots and unwanted hair. They want to have flawless and smooth skin. But the hair on the body spoils the whole picture. In order to get rid of undesired hair, women are ready to try different options, including painful ones. Some of them may be simply not affordable. For example, the Laser treatment is expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. Waxing, shaving, tweezing, and plucking are often painful methods. Many modern beauty product companies have offered a new idea of depilatories. It has been used for the last several years. It is known to be budget friendly and effective. You will learn everything in a minute.

What Is Dermology and How The Product Called Dermology Cream Can Help?

Dermology Hair Removal Cream

Laser hair removal provides a permanent way of removing unwanted hair but it is rather expensive. Low commitment methods like waxing, shaving, and tweezing are cheaper but painful. Some women have tried depilatory creams, which work by dissolving hair at the root. But the chemical power needed to remove hair is quite strong and can be harsh on the skin causing a burning sensation. Not all depilatory creams are made from the same ingredients. Dermology Hair Removal Cream is a heavily promoted product online and on television. It claims to remove hair giving you smooth skin all over your body without any hair or adverse reactions. There is no need to shave or wax, since this cream uses an advanced inhibitor system. It can painlessly eliminate unwanted body hair. The cream works equally well on women and men; it is safe for any part of the body. The formula requires one simple application, absorbs quickly and removes hair gently, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Dermology is an effective alternative to electrolysis and laser treatments. You can decrease the need for regular waxing, shaving and the use of tweezers to remove your hair. You will be pleasantly surprised with a low price of this product.

Ingredients of Dermology Hair Removal Cream - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

calcium thioglycolate

The product is manufactured by a reputable company called Dermology. According to the manufacturer, Dermology is 100% pain-free and effective for any body part, on both fine and coarse hair. But what can be found in this miracle cream? Dermology's website keeps the ingredient list in secret and it is clear why.

aloe vera

There are so many companies looking for worthy recipes to steal them and earn money. According to some data, the product calcium thioglycolate, a compound responsible for breaking down the protein in hair. This compound is added in the amount that is not expected to cause any side effects or adverse reactions on the skin.

However, it is advised not to use it on sensitive or intimate areas. The cream is claimed that all the ingredients are 100% natural, the user can expect to get satisfactory results without side effects. The following two ingredients are included into the product, aloe vera and honey. These ingredients are not known for being able to remove hair but they are used to nourish the user's skin making it smooth and healthy.


For example, Aloe Vera is known for making the skin shiny and smooth. It protects the skin from negative outer impact and does not allow any chemicals harm the skin. Honey is known for its ability to make the skin to repair the skin bright and flawless. It nourishes it with all the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Since the formula of Dermology Hair Removal Cream is natural, it is able to removing undesired hair from the skin without causing any pain or side effects. It can be applied on any body part because it is made up of natural components which do not harm even the most sensitive areas. Key ingredients in the product are used for effective hair removal, while others, like Honey and Aloe Vera, are used to make the skin brighter, smoother, and moisturized. Be sure that this product will not cause any trouble after applying it on your skin, which is a great thing indeed! However, there are some precautionary measures for you to take into account when using the cream. It should be used in a small area before applying it on the large spot of the skin. The area which you are going to remove hair from, needs to be washed well before applying the cream.

There is a great number of positive customer reviews associated with the use of this product. The users are happy with the results they receive after using it, as well as with absence of any side effects. The only thing they don't really like is the smell of the product. Most customers claim that this hair removal cream does work better than any other product of the kind. It stinks a little, but it is not a moisturizer, after all. Even people with very sensitive skin are satisfied with the cream and its effects. It does not leave their skin red after usage. The product is also very easy to use. All you will have to do is to apply a small amount of the cream on your skin, leave it on for about 3-4 minutes and remove it together with undesired hair. Dermology works gently on any type of skin, based on customers' testimonials left online. One woman with sensitive skin reports that she did not experience any allergic reactions even though she applied the cream more thickly than usual and left it for 10 minutes. It is a wonderful product even if you have sensitive skin and razors hurt you. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

Why Should You Choose It?

If you need to get rid of undesired hair on your body, Dermology can be a good option for you. It is safe to use on any part of your body. It can remove air from upper lip, eyebrows, back, armpits, and legs quickly and painlessly. Forget about razor burns, waxing and red bumps!


Hair removal cream from Dermology is not meant for women only but it can successfully used by men who want to remove hair while keeping their skin tone intact. The product removes hair in a natural way painlessly and quickly. A single tube is competitively priced.

How to Use Dermology?

It is quite easy to use the product. You will have to apply the cream to your skin and leave it on for 6-8 minutes. Then simply wipe your skin with a towel to remove hair. Rinse the area with warm water. Do not leave the product longer than for twelve minutes.

My Final Summary

Dermology is a great way to remove undesired body or facial hair painlessly and quickly. If you have no time or money to visit salons you should definitely try this product. It is a safe alternative that can be used in any part of the body regardless of your gender and skin type. It removes hair within just a few minutes. There is no need to subject your skin to painful waxing or similar methods. The formula of this cream is developed to be soothing with minimal risk of irritation. Moreover, the product inhibits further hair growth. Taking into account all these advantages, I can certainly recommend Dermology to buying.

Where To Buy Dermology Hair Removal Cream?

If you have decided to solve the problem of unwanted hair, it is better to buy this cream from the official website of the company. The product is currently unavailable on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

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